27 August 2009

hairclips and brooches!

I've been thinking a lot lately and could not help but wish i was a child again. i love the innocence and carefree attitude i had, these memories gave the inspiration to make a series of hair clips and brooches with a child-like design to take me back to the times when i had the courage to wear anything i liked! and now i can again! :P

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18 August 2009


A big "hello" to all our readers! Pico and co are excited to introduce our new range of fabrics! we have started to print our very own patterns because we got sick of seeing the same old boring prints in stores, and Pico and Co are anything BUT boring!! We have started production today and still have a way to go till we completely finish but really wanted to show everyone the progress so far!

SO ENJOY! feedback on the designs are much appreciated!

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16 August 2009

Market Day

Went out to the Glebe Markets in Sydney's City! was LOTS of fun and really enjoyed meeting some new people!

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05 August 2009


All Key rings are priced at : AUD $10.00 (excluding shipping)
please contact us for more info and purchases.

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