09 September 2009

Softies for Mirabel

while browsing Meet me at Mikes i came across this charity event 'Softies for Mirabel' hosted by the Mirabel Foundation. The Mirabel Foundation is an Australian group which helps children get back on their feet, children from broken families, who have lost their parents, and those who are struggling. The idea of 'Softies for Mirabel' is this: We try and get as many people as we can to make a soft toy and send them to Mikes Shop where they will be displayed in the window for a month and then the Mirabel Foundation reps pick them up and take them to the kids. Each soft toy with be allocated to a very special child, to keep them comfort and company. If you would like to join this incredible worthy cause, or want to find out more info about it, go to Meet me at Mikes blog, there you would find more in depth info. 



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