12 September 2009

Market Day

Market days are always a fun and exciting experience for us and today was no exception! This week was much better than the other week we were at the markets, sale and company wise! we met so many new faces and had some great conversations with a few of the stall holders! 
Here are some images of our store this week.
As our day progressed, sales increased and so did the surprises! One of the other stall holders Bec, who also sell plushies came over and sent me one of her gorgeous dolls!!!! oh i LOVE it so MUCH!! its the most adorable doll i own now! you can find her toys here at her blog Blinking Flights and also make online purchases! 
When she gave me her doll, i suggested we should do a swap and she chose a coon she liked. 
I'm STILL excited about my new toy!! 
Check it out!

Here are some more pics of Blinking Flights market store!



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