23 September 2009

Sydney Sand Storm

Hey guys, as many of you may have already heard, Australia's weather recently has been a bit out of the norm, and just to prove how crazy its actually been this is what Sydney looked like this morning! We woke up on MARS! hubby and i looked outside the bedroom window 5 in the morning and we couldn't even see our neighbors! it was completely red outside! apparently there hadn't been a case like this since the 40's! The red dust was apparently carried from the outback of NSW, due to strong winds traveling up to 100mph, pushed the dust along the state and up the Queensland!
The storm cleared up around mid afternoon, everything was covered in a film of dust! thank god is over now!

Sydney this morning (pictures from Tomhide)


Here are some more pics of what Syd looked like : (pictures from feeling_alive)


Blogger Mee a Bee said...

Wow, must've been am zing to see.
I clicked your link the The Handmade Pledge site! cute! I love your kawaii things.

9/25/09, 1:23 AM  
Blogger pico and co said...

hi Mee a Bee! thanks for the lovely compliments! yea it was pretty amazing!

9/25/09, 2:29 PM  

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