23 September 2009

Sydney Sand Storm

Hey guys, as many of you may have already heard, Australia's weather recently has been a bit out of the norm, and just to prove how crazy its actually been this is what Sydney looked like this morning! We woke up on MARS! hubby and i looked outside the bedroom window 5 in the morning and we couldn't even see our neighbors! it was completely red outside! apparently there hadn't been a case like this since the 40's! The red dust was apparently carried from the outback of NSW, due to strong winds traveling up to 100mph, pushed the dust along the state and up the Queensland!
The storm cleared up around mid afternoon, everything was covered in a film of dust! thank god is over now!

Sydney this morning (pictures from Tomhide)


Here are some more pics of what Syd looked like : (pictures from feeling_alive)

21 September 2009

Who/What i heart right now

The Fashion Forest has new illustrations! too beautiful!

How CUTE are these goldfish JELLIES!! OMG! Bananagranola has some gorgeous  recipes for you!

And check out this amazing cake! made by Granny Schmidts! 

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14 September 2009

Kara Janx Flower tutorial

While getting my weekly dose of Thread Banger, i came across this really simple and cute idea from fashion designer Kara Janx! it was so cute that i just had to try it! and guess what? my one looked like what it was meant to! check out this clip and make some flowers for yourself just in time for spring! 

My version of Kara Janx flowers!


12 September 2009

Market Day

Market days are always a fun and exciting experience for us and today was no exception! This week was much better than the other week we were at the markets, sale and company wise! we met so many new faces and had some great conversations with a few of the stall holders! 
Here are some images of our store this week.
As our day progressed, sales increased and so did the surprises! One of the other stall holders Bec, who also sell plushies came over and sent me one of her gorgeous dolls!!!! oh i LOVE it so MUCH!! its the most adorable doll i own now! you can find her toys here at her blog Blinking Flights and also make online purchases! 
When she gave me her doll, i suggested we should do a swap and she chose a coon she liked. 
I'm STILL excited about my new toy!! 
Check it out!

Here are some more pics of Blinking Flights market store!


09 September 2009


Here are some of our new range of place mats! will be available in our online store very soon! keep an eye out for em~


I Love Handmade

The I love handmade online market will kick start on the 19th of September, and yes, we WILL be featured as a seller! for all those who buy through the I love handmade market, will also receive a discount on the item if you mention that you were referred by I love handmade! so get in quick guys, the market runs from the 19th of September through to the 17th of October!! come and buy all your early Christmas pressies at a cheaper price!!


Softies for Mirabel

while browsing Meet me at Mikes i came across this charity event 'Softies for Mirabel' hosted by the Mirabel Foundation. The Mirabel Foundation is an Australian group which helps children get back on their feet, children from broken families, who have lost their parents, and those who are struggling. The idea of 'Softies for Mirabel' is this: We try and get as many people as we can to make a soft toy and send them to Mikes Shop where they will be displayed in the window for a month and then the Mirabel Foundation reps pick them up and take them to the kids. Each soft toy with be allocated to a very special child, to keep them comfort and company. If you would like to join this incredible worthy cause, or want to find out more info about it, go to Meet me at Mikes blog, there you would find more in depth info. 


Etsy Finds

Hello Pico fans! just an update on some of my recent Etsy favorites! Hope you love them as much as i do! i just think they are so adorable!
These are just too cute! felt toys! i love love love!!!
Check out these Gocco prints!just lovely! i can already see them hanging on my living room wall!
When i found this store, i instantly thought to myself, 'Why has no one else thought of this before!!' 


07 September 2009


Some of our latest prints..


cloud purse

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05 September 2009

Awsome Finds!

Hey all, as i was browsing in varies blogs and websites, i came across some really great ideas that i just couldn't go past without sharing it with everyone! so here they are:

 Mustache Key Holder from Suddenly, Its Real
Cleaver idea for an embrodery hoop from Paper and Ink
and how fantastic are these!!! i love how imaginative  L Filipe is! check out more great work here

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03 September 2009

Iphone Cozy!!

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check it out!!

So Thursday is here and as i mentioned in an earlier post, we will be featured in a post from Jars of Cute, and today i received a delightful email from the editor of J.O.C telling me that they have just uploaded the post!! She gave me the link for the posting and i was so excited to see what she had written about us! 
i clicked on the link and absolutely LOVED what they had come up with!! 
A huge THANKS from the Pico and Co team!!!

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01 September 2009

@ it Again!

So here we are again! i always seem to be blogging about the same ol' things.. boring, i know! but we do have some very exciting news to update everyone on! GUESS WHAT?? We are being mentioned on the very popular and too cute website of: "Jars of Cute!" We are so very excited about the up and coming posting from Jars of Cute that i just couldn't help myself but to blab to the world even before its actually been posted!! The writer of the Jars of Cute emailed me and said that she loves our products and will be scheduling our mention on Thursday! so keep your eyes peeled for us then!!
Also, we have a few quick updates on random stuff which has been happening in our little studio.  
Pics coming right up, Have a great one guys!

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